New Drivers

Here at Debbie Lowdon Driver Training we understand how nervous you can be, even just to pick the phone up and book your first lesson. That's why all of our instructors are patient, friendly and professional. We all have excellent pass rates as we all teach to the same very high standard.

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We specialize teaching how to drive, not sitting at the road side learning theory like other driving schools do to save their fuel. Although we can offer help for the theory test.

Many people believe you have to be 17 to learn to drive, however our cars are covered for 15yr olds as long as its off road. So you could learn the basics before getting your provisional license. However if you want to wait until your 17 you need a provisional license and will have to pass a simple eye test, which your instructor will carry out on your first lesson.

We offer our service to all ages, genders and backgrounds. You do not have to fit a specification to learn with us. We also welcome test failures, test re-takes and those of you who may have had lessons previously and would like to get back on track with them.

Meet our driving instructors

Between us, we have 50 year experience teaching people to drive and giving them a sense of independence.

All of our cars are dual control and have air conditioning.

So why not get in touch today via the contact page, you never know it may just change your life and allow you to gain a sense of complete independence.

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